Sydney Central Station

Increasing pressure for development at Sydney Central Station can erode the very fabric that is required to attract people back to the CBD unless…

…we reconsider landscape infrastructure as an opportunity for valuable place-making.

Historically, tar and tracks have eroded the public domain surrounding Sydney Central Station.
This has devalued much of its charm and civic value, creating an exposed, congested barrier where people no longer feel safe or welcome.

So, how do we reclaim infrastructure barriers in a city where every square meter is under pressure to perform?

1) Pedestrianize Railway Square, the Station Forecourt and Belmore park as places for people.
2) Bridge across the railway with an elevated public park with nature areas and food gardens
3) Open the Grand Concourse roof to connect to the rooftop park and market square.
4) Enhance Belmore Park as an event space with an ecological stormwater re-use park.
5) Re-activate the northern station façade as a backdrop for a much-needed civic square.

The result – urban reactivation of Sydney Central Station by bringing people and nature back into the city and creating a prized urban precinct.

Multifunctional landscapes are able to turn monofunctional transit infrastructure into vibrant places that connect people to nature and opens the city to unlock commercial and residential value.

The infrastructure as landscape approach transforms the site into a meeting place in a generous and memorable setting where you can be surrounded by nature in the middle of the city.

Mounded landscapes with windbreak trees create a protected environment for people to picnic and play, creating a much-needed antidote to the high density, shaded inner city.

Fruit trees and market gardens allow locals to grow their own food and teach people about food security, reconnecting neighbourhoods and communities and encouraging healthy, resilient lifestyles while creating new economic opportunities and connecting people to nature.

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