St. Joseph’s Home

With limited resources and complex constraints, how do we promote learning, exercise, and enjoyment at St. Joseph’s Home...?

…By incorporating multifunctional play spaces that allow children to connect with nature and escape into a world of fun and friends, like at St. Joseph’s Home.

St. Joseph’s Home is an outstanding intermediate paediatric care facility. Faced with an expansive, exposed site and a limited budget, our brief was to provide diverse play environments as an enticing escape from the hospital wards for children of all ages and with substantial differences in the severity of their conditions.

These requirements and limited resources demand a coordinated response to playground design – here’s how we did it at St. Joseph’s Home…

1) Re-purpose site sand for sandbag construction and tree trunks as climbing frames.
2) Upcycle broken and disused equipment and materials for new structures.
3) Turn rain gardens into habitat areas for exploration, learning, and play.
4) Enhance diverse social interactions with a variety of formal and informal play areas.
5) Sandbag topography provides shelter from the wind and a challenging adventure playscape.

The result – a lasting impact on the well-being, making them more adaptable and resilient as they grow.

At the St. Joseph’s Home care facility for children with life limiting and life-threatening illnesses, play is an essential part of facilitating healing and recovery. Our design focuses on creating a safe and enticing environment to foster learning and healing through natural play experiences.

Donor List

On behalf of St. Joseph’s Home, Square One Landscape Architects would like to thank the following donors, without whom the project would not have been such a success!

We are here to help you to better provide for the development of our future generations.

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