Somerset Lakes

Find out how we were able to turn a vast degraded site into a sought-after community development at Somerset Lakes…

By designing a blue / green network that connected restored ecologies across the site.

The polluted soils of this abandoned, derelict farmland had made farming unviable. Attempts to turn this site into a desirable neighborhood had failed. Our masterplan and open space designs presented a different strategy for development where natural systems – streams and shelter belts, dams and forests created the structure of the site, turning it into Somerset Lakes – a place where people want to live.

How do we harness natural systems to create neighbourhoods?

1) The water sensitive urban design (WSUD) strategy forms the major selling point for the development – an extensive natural wetland area and green belts are connected across the site to guarantee resilience in a drought afflicted region.
2) A striking entrance precinct supports a diverse, hybrid landscape of locally indigenous species that are designed to provide colour and interest all year round, attract investors and welcoming residents.
3) Streets and parks are designed as a singular open space networks for people to encourage outdoor community living and is supported by architecture and landscape design guidelines that provide continuity and direction for the different development parcels.

The result – an environmentally resilient and desirable new address for connected living.

Somerset Lakes shows how upfront planning with the experts opens opportunities for creating successful neighbourhoods that thrive. Water resources are an asset. At Somerset Lakes, we embraced the Sponge City concept to harvesting stormwater within the local catchment area and treat it through slow filtration. We were able to address water vulnerability locally by absorbing flooding events and replenishing the water table for future droughts.

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