The Skycatcher

Where shifts in the commercial landscape cause 'big box' retail developments to fail, the Skycatcher project demonstrates how…

…regenerative design strategies can repurpose an under-performing asset. The Skycatcher is our proof.

Northgate Island was originally developed to capitalise on traffic from a regional retail centre, however, the development battled vacancy since inception and needed to be re-imagined to resurrect this 18 000sqm property.

How did regenerative design transform this car-centric development into a social green hub?

1) Repurposing the car park ramp as a multi-purpose meeting, recreation, and event space.
2) Slicing through the vehicular ramp to open to the sunny and sheltered northern aspect.
3) A large reflecting pool enhances the microclimate and mirrors the planting and the sky.
4) The ramped arbour contains breakaway spaces for meetings and gallery for the event space.
5) A bar and food stalls connect at the ground floor for lunches and functions.

The outcome is a successfully upgraded, high profile and vibrant office space with its own green urban park.

The Skycatcher brings the outside in and draws the inside out – creating spaces rich in sensory experience and balances built and natural elements to create a valuable and unique urban place.

Direct sunlight is brought into the space through a carefully engineered slice through the northern portion of the ramp. A shallow rim-flow pond reflects the sky and fills the space with soothing sounds as the water flows into the surrounding gravel.

A diverse variety of flowering and scented climbers and hanging plants wrap the inner and outer ramp, creating a consolidated façade of vertical greenery.

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