Retirement and Assisted Living Communities

With the increasing demand for high-quality Retirement & Assisted Living Communities, how can we create the places where people want to be...?

…by designing retirement and assisted living facilities with a purpose to create meaningful environments where people can connect with each other and with nature.

Many retirement and health care facilities neglect to invest strategically in their biggest fixed asset – their property. Constrained spaces, security concerns, health and safety requirements and limited budgets, often mean that these facilities never reach their potential as restorative and enriching places that attract residents, carers, and visitors to enjoy life in a natural setting.

So, what steps do we take to turn these constraints into opportunities for healthier, happier retirement and assisted living facilities?

• Access to nature and outdoor exercise provides well-documented, restorative, physical and mental health benefits including reductions in anxiety and the effects of dementia.
• Landscape views enable care workers to be more productive, report fewer illnesses, and have higher job satisfaction.
• Well-designed gardens can change negative perceptions of a neighbourhood or place and improve the economic value of an area.
• Planting programs and multifunctional social spaces foster a stronger sense of community.
• Sensory textures, colours and sounds enrich experiential value while familiar landscape elements can increase a sense of connection to one’s surroundings.

The result – stand-apart developments that treat people with the dignity and respect that they deserve with access to beautiful and restorative environments.

Whether you are starting from scratch or adapting an existing development, we have the experience and care to transform your development into a sought-after community that you can be proud of.
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