Merriman Square

When downtown offices have to deal with underperforming public domain and declining occupancy rates...

…like at Merriman Square, adapting natural systems have been key reactivators to a dying urban precinct.

A formerly unused public plaza in a harsh modernist environment where tall buildings had destroyed any human scale and created a hostile space that required a more welcoming environment.

So, what sort of natural systems design and place-making strategies achieved this at Merriman Square?

1) The WSUD design references the former marine landscape to evoke a strong sense of place.
2) Pergolas, wharves, and jetties frame smaller spaces to provide a comfortable human scale.
3) Diverse seating options and locations create a vibrant and democratic urban living room.
4) Green facades and biofiltration basins capture excess roof water for the landscape.
5) Riparian planting, green facades and a shaded avenue bring people and nature together.

The result – an ecologically sustainable and democratic open space that has dramatically boosted occupancy rates by creating a desirable destination in the CBD

Merriman Square has become an exemplar for how to transform stormwater systems into a valuable public amenity that was able to thrive through the City’s harshest drought.

The two biofiltration basins capture excess stormwater and allow it to percolate back into the water table. A range of water and riparian plants attract a diverse birdlife to the inner city.

By designing amenity through the harnessing of stormwater infrastructure, we were able to create an active, democratic space that boosted occupancy rates for our client and created an ecological sanctuary in the foreshore.

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