Cultural Landscapes and Heritage Sites

Navigating the future of Cultural Landscapes and Heritage Sites doesn’t need to be a minefield…

…with a rigorous approach to research and design to find the best way forward for your cultural landscapes & heritage sites.

Our international experience across all heritage gradings including various UNESCO World Heritage Sites means that we have an in-depth understanding of environmental and heritage processes and the ability to producing high quality, defensible design.

Our efficient, effective, and professional services form an integral part of successful heritage and environmental projects and approvals. Here’s how we can help you:

• Our range of services including heritage plans, reports, landscape indicators, detail design and site management are key to ensuring that your project holds up to public and professional scrutiny across all work stages.
• As an international office of AILA and SACLAP registered professional landscape architects, we bring balanced critical design thinking to environmental and heritage processes, allowing for optimal project outcomes delivered to strict timeframes.
• Our understanding of context is supported by rigorous landscape character analysis including; geological, topographical, hydrological, biological, and anthropogenic influences that have formulated landscape significance and a sense of place.

Why not ask these leading specialists…

“Square One is consistently professional, prompt and knowledgeable on their subject matter, they are always helpful and engaging. I am delighted at every opportunity to work with them and have recommended their services for several projects.”

Marielle Penwarden
Marielle Penwarden Chand Environmental Services

“A pleasure to work with, they are able to balance innovative and creative thinking with sensitivity towards historic sites and cultural landscapes. They have always performed well and have a talent for creatively taking on board input from other disciplines without compromising their own design strengths.”

Graham Jacobs
Graham Jacobs ARCON Specialist Architectural & Spatial Heritage Consultants, Chairperson: Built Environment and Landscape Committee (BELCom) at Heritage Western Cape

“In heritage practice, it is important to work with landscape architects and visual impact assessors who have a specific sensitivity to heritage sensitive contexts, landscapes and structures. They have the requisite modelling skills to effectively and professionally demonstrate visual impacts; they understand the heritage issues; and make important contributions to the project design. I recommend them.”

Cindy Postlethwayt
Cindy Postlethwayt Heritage Consultant

Or these clients…

So if you need integrated and efficient landscape heritage services, with high quality professional input and guaranteed on-time delivery, give us a call…

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