How do we define a new way of inner-city being at Clarens…?

…By working with the brightest designers to turn spaces into a natural canvas for life.

A new modernist approach needn’t result in brutal, stiff environments as Clarens has shown. Welcoming, habitable spaces contribute to a more meaningful connection between inside and outside spaces. The landscape is inspired by the work of the Bauhaus artist László Moholy-Nagy to interact with the modernist lines of the architecture.

So, how do we do change how people consider landscapes in urban environments?

1) A commitment to horticultural excellence allows us to work in the spaces between buildings to create thriving, engaging landscapes in any climate.
2) Our understanding of spatial design allows us to work seamlessly with great architecture to curate a harmonious living environment.
3) The relationships that we build with our clients are paramount in finding solutions and new possibilities that work for them.

In the end, design and nature come together to create an urban masterpiece.

Clarens bears testimony to the fact that being stuck at home needn’t be dreary but when architects, landscape architects and inspired clients work together, magic happens.

Using local materials made specifically for the project, and referencing the modern movement of design, the architecture and landscape is a product of the belief that style will last beyond fleeting fashions. Environmentally conscious, thoughtful design to improve the user’s way of living.

The generous, encapsulating building envelope creates a diverse range of living spaces and seamlessly connects interior and exterior experiences.

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