Cities as part of Nature: Architecture

When downtown offices have to deal with underperforming public domain and declining occupancy rates...

While tall buildings contribute to the creation of higher density human habitats, they have a substantial impact on our urban ecosystems and community health.

We believe that the Cities as part of Nature approach should not only contribute to better performing buildings but enable them to function as an integrated part of the City’s Blue / Green infrastructure.

We work with engineers and architects to find nature-based solutions for the creation of connected and high-performance urban ecosystems that…

1) Harvest site and roof water for re-use within buildings and on landscapes.
2) Intercept peak stormwater flows with roof planting and green facades. The building’s planters slow and filter the water before it percolates to the street level.
3) Sustain at grade, bio-filtration planters or ‘rain gardens’ absorb overflow water back into the groundwater table.
4) Are designed to provide an engaging and attractive interface that grounds the building with the surrounding urban landscape, improving the relationship with the street and creating valuable amenity for people.
5) Provide a sought-after antidote to inner-city living by keeping up with demands for access to nature without taking up valuable space.
6) Contributes to microclimate enhancement through passive cooling and dappled shading.

Our vast experience with vertical planting in some of the world’s most hostile environments means that from an early stage, we can design with the building to specify the optimal plant support systems, construction innovations and tested species that will ensure the sustained success of the project.

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