The Boombrug canopy walk takes visitors on a journey through the forest canopy, providing stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.

The Boom (Tree) + Brug (Bridge) demonstrates how the multifunctional design of landscape structures can activate and add value to previously barren sites.

Conceived as a canopy walk before the canopy, the Boombrug is created as the central element within a newly planted indigenous woodland.

Designed to invite interaction, both with the structure itself and with the surrounding landscape in a variety of ways…

1) As a viewing deck, it lifts people above the earth to experience the spectacular valley views and exhilarating mountain winds.

2) It is a vantage point to watch the establishment of the newly planted woodland trees over time and to overlook the activities of the wild playground below.

3) As a structuring device, it frames play areas, creates sheltered spaces beneath the decking, and provides support for the climbing and swinging nets that are woven through.

4) The hardwood timber design is designed for the touch and to age beautifully over time. It is a fitting reference to the woodland trees as an example of the sustainable use of timber in construction.

5) Over time, the woodland trees will envelop the Boombrug in their canopies allowing visitors to experience nature from a new perspective.

The result – an interactive, multifunctional landscape structure,  that activates and adds value to a previously barren site.

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